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Daulatabad 'T' Point, Aurangabad, Maharashtra - 431002

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Homage to the Founder and Co-Founder

Founder & Co-founder

Harbinger of Excellence and a Personification of Kindness

A devout educationist, Major GK Ghuge made an outstanding contribution to the society initially while serving in the Army in operations and later as an educationist. He believed firmly in persistently acquiring, assimilating and applying the knowledge for the common good. He had outstanding attributes of politeness, courtesy and compassion which won him tremendous approbation and popularity.

Being an excellent student himself, he undertook a very challenging and arduous task of guiding many successful candidates aspiring to join the civil services. Having understood the need of high quality yet affordable school education in this region, Major GK Ghuge and Mrs Nilakshi Ghuge set out on their mission of establishing their dream schools.

Late Major GK Ghuge (Retd)


They commonly believed that every elite has to be gracious and chivalrous so that everyone around feels comfortable and the world as a whole becomes worthy of living joyfully.

Major GK Ghuge believed in the necessity of dedication and discipline in all the endeavours. He was proud of the fact that he had been a member of the Army and he encouraged and motivated the students to adopt the virtues being upheld by the Armed Forces.

He often cited the motto inscribed in the Chetwode Hall of Indian Military Academy which says, “First comes thy nation, second thy command and in the last thyself.”

The school will continue on the progressive course which Major GK Ghuge set for us and that will be our profound homage to the noble soul.

Brilliant and Visionary

Academically brilliant and futuristic in thought and deed, Mr. Suhas Ghuge made a significant contribution to the growth and progress of the school. After completing his BE (Mechanical Engineering), Mr Suhas did his MBA from University of Michigan (USA). His love for use of technology in education made him venture into entrepreneurship. Mr. Suhas founded Elevate Learning K12 in the USA. With his keen foresight and leadership, the company did extremely well.

An adventurer and sports lover, Mr. Suhas Ghuge achieved an exemplary feat by leading 8000 Km, India-ASEAN car rally through the toughest of the terrains.

Late Mr.Suhas Ghuge


The rally was flagged off then by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri. Manmohan Singh from Guwahati and passed through 11 countries including Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia before terminating in Singapore. As an excellent badminton player, he represented university team at National Level. He displayed outstanding technical acumen by prototyping small tractors and other mechanical gadgets.

Mr Suhas Ghuge ushered in the use of technology in learning. It was his initiative and dream that the smart class rooms be set up at the school. Learning at MPS involves the use of ICT in a big way.

“Nine tenth of education is encouragement” the dictum often quoted by Mr. Suhas Ghuge, will remain a constant source of motivation for all of us.