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School Building:

MPS is spread over five acres of green and serene campus in an open and quite stretch of land away from the crowded roads and streets of the city. The class rooms are spacious, naturally illuminated and well ventilated. Furniture has been designed ergonomically for all ages of the students.


The famous saying of Benjamin Franklin, “tell me I forget, teach me, I may remember, involve me and I learn” sums up the importance of the labs. Science, Maths, Social Sciences and Language labs equipped with the best gadgets and software are extensively used to give practical feel of what the students have learnt in theory.


The school has a very well stocked and user friendly library. Books of general interests of the students are available. Children are motivated to read the books but e – resources are also available for the senior student.

Smart Classrooms:

Importance and use of technology in teaching learning process is well known to all of us. Computers, projectors and internet enabled classrooms are available in all the classrooms and copious use is made for better assimilation of the content.

Student Dining Hall:

A spacious dining hall to accommodate 300 students at a time is available where the students and the teachers dine together. Quality of the food is maintained by continuous supervision and advice of the dietician. Great emphasis is laid on the upkeep of the kitchen and dining spaces.