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About Maharashtra Public School

About Maharashtra Public School


Necessity of establishing good schools has been increasing concomitantly with the unprecedented industrial and population growth of Aurangabad town in the last four decades. In order to make quality education available to the youngsters of the town, Shree Siyaram Education Society founded by Maj GK Ghuge set up its first branch of Maharashtra Public School in Mahesh Nagar, Aurangabad in 1986.

Unique quality initiatives and outstanding results not only earned great appreciation but also an incessant demand by the parents to Maj GK Ghuge for setting up a bigger school for the education of the children. Consequently, a new branch came in existence in 2003 at Daultabad T-Point (State Board) with the primary and pre-primary sections.

The first 10th standard batch passed out with flying colours in 2006 with 100 percent results the legacy which is being maintained till date.

The school took long strides to establish its name as one of the most outstanding institutes for pre-primary to high school education. Excellent reputation pushed the case for CBSE affiliation and the first batch under CBSE passed out of the portals of the school in 2016. Legacy of 100 percent results remained in vogue.

MPS will continue to blaze a trail of excellence not only in primary and high school education but also in aspirations to shape the careers and lives of the young minds by the proverbial ‘turning of the mirrors in to windows’.