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MPS Clubs


Drama Club:

In order to give interesting and confidence building outdoor activities, the school has created a set of 20 unique outdoor obstacles which include rope climbing, high walking, crawling, running, balancing and jumping activities. The outdoor activities are conducted under the watchful eyes of highly trained staff. Participation in these activities not only generates tremendous interest but also motivates the students to join the Armed Forces.

Music Club:

The members of this club get good opportunities to learn musical instruments. This club organizes a musical evening and events.

Dance Club:

The club organizes training programs to learn Indian Classical and other dance forms. .

Social Work:

Engagement with society is an important part of education. Social work activities like cleanliness drives, tree plantation, fund raising for social work and social work education are organized by the members of the club. .

Adventure Club:

School students like adventure more than anyone else. Adventure club organizes adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, camping, rappelling, para-sailing etc. Students take part in the adventure activities on voluntary basis.