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About Maharashtra Public School

The School at a Glance

The school owes its inception to the vision of a very brilliant, well groomed and successful Army veteran Maj GK Ghuge who had a profound interest in academics and research. Maj GK Ghuge pooled the virtues of a good school and his experiences of the best teaching establishments and the Military Schools. One is sure to notice the best of the academic infrastructure and the indelible impressions of a military thinker who created an interesting eco-system of mental and physical development of the learners in the same premises.

The backbone of the school is the individual and collective intelligence, diligence and experience of the teachers. At MPS the teachers are the role model to the students. The teachers love teaching and teach children to love learning. All the teachers are very carefully selected and trained to identify the latent potential and bring out the best of the children they teach.

School is located in a five acre campus away from the town in the serene surroundings of Daultabad ‘T’ Point. Thoughtfully built, the school has spacious and airy classrooms, computer and science labs, library, common areas, students’ dining hall, assembly hall, gyms and adequate number of play grounds.

The school distinguishes itself by delivering an activity and hobby based curriculum to the students. Values of discipline, punctuality, co-operation and loyalty are inculcated through special outdoor military school like activities using the facilities and equipment installed for this purpose.

To sum up, the school provides a very conducive environment ‘for an all round drawing of the best in child in body, mind and spirit’.