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Rules and Regulations of the School:


  • Please cooperate with the school as the schools cooperates with you. Towards this endeavour please ensure the following:
  • That you personally read the calendar and be familiar with all the rules and regulations of the school.
  • That you check the calendar of your child every day to see what the school has announced, Homework to be completed and other important information.
  • That you check his short /weekly unit test marks and go through his/her reports card carefully.
  • That your child is well dressed, appears clean, has neat haircut and does not feel out of place in school because of your negligence.
  • That your child carries a proper lunch which is wholesome and not junk food.
  • That you are solely responsible for the safety of your child to and from school.
  • That you visit the school occasionally to discuss about your child with the teachers and the school administration and not to visit the teachers at home for this.
  • That you ensure that the wards are keeping good company and do not roam around the town uselessly.
  • That you try and attend the school functions even if you are busy because it matters for your child, and never miss a Parent Teacher Meeting.
  • That you don’t give money to your child for various school purposes/functions without counter checking or verifying with school authority.
  • That you closely monitor watching of movies, the Television and the use of the Internet.


      A. Basic Discipline

    • All MPS students are to behave like gentlemen. Students are responsible to the school Authorities for their conduct whether on campus or outside the school. Students are expected to show respect towards teachers at all times
    • MPS is Smoke Free and Violence FreeSchool. All are to cooperate to maintain this challenge. Violators will be dismissed.
    • Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.
    • Mobiles are banned at all times. Mobiles will be confiscated and will not be returned and a fine of Rs. 5,000/- may be imposed.
    • MPS is our home and therefore anyone damaging the school property in any way will not be tolerated. Accidental breakages must be duly reported to the teachers. All are to keep the school neat and clean.
    • No student is allowed to write anything on notice boards or disfigure school walls or classroom furniture. Violators will be fined as the case may be.
    • Students are not permitted to transact any business in the school. There must not be any borrowing or lending of any articles among each other.
    • The school diary is a must for each student to carry every day to class. All records of late arrival, absence, remarks from school authorities and parents, homework and breach of discipline must be recorded accordingly
    • The LANGUAGE of the school is ENGLISH. All are to converse in English at all times. A fine for not speaking in English is Rs. 500/- and repeated violators will be dismissed.
    • Violators of School rules will be fined, given detention, suspension and dismissal as the case may be.