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Our Strength

Maharashtra Public School (MPS) draws its strength from a team of brilliant and experienced teachers who are the creators of an exceptionally motivating learning environment.


Highly competent staff works in perfect coordination to identify the latent potential of the child and put the child through a customized regimen for holistic development of his/her development.


Student development is brought through activities designed for sharpening of verbal and written communication skills and enhancing confidence in public speaking and problem solving.

Life at MPS

The day starts with morning prayer and physical exercises. Thereafter the children are engaged in a set of academic and enjoyable activities And leadership qualities and development of a strong value system.

The world is fighting against the scourge of COVID-19. We at MPS are fully conscious of our duties towards our students in the times of the pandemic. Our online classes, examinations and activities will continue to ensure that the learning and student development activities make steady progress. Our fight against the pandemic will continue through online teaching and educating the students to observe the following precautions:

Use Mask
Observe Social Distancing
Use Sanitiser
Don't Go to Crowded areas.
Core Values:

Discipline, dedication and honesty are the foundations of an impeccable character and well rounded personality. The school follows a well designed ‘honour code system’.


The school is located in the lap of nature but not yet far away from the town. School building is very impressive and is spread over a large area. Plenty of open space,sports and PT grounds are available. The campus is green and is safe.

Admissions :

Admissions from class Nursery to 9th Class for Academic Year 2021-22 are open. Please contact Phone No------ or visit the school on any working day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

New admission started for acedemic year 2021-2022 from nursery to VII th division (CBSE). Session begins from 1st April,2021.

Maharashtra Public School Aurangabad

Necessity of establishing good schools has been increasing concomitantly with the unprecedented industrial and population growth of Aurangabad town in the last four decades. In order to make quality education available to the youngsters of the town, Shree Siyaram Education Society founded by Maj GK Ghuge set up its first branch of Maharashtra Public School in Mahesh Nagar, Aurangabad in 1986.

Unique quality initiatives and outstanding results not only earned great appreciation but also an incessant demand by the parents to Maj GK Ghuge for setting up a bigger school for the education of the children. Consequently, a new branch came in existence in 2003 at Daultabad T-Point (State Board) with the primary and pre-primary sections.


To be the epitome of academic excellence, character building and all round development of the learners.


To create liberal, technologically supported, safe and enjoyable environment for the students to realise their potential.

To strengthen the belief in the value system, traditions and culture of India.

Set up, revise and achieve inspirational benchmarks in academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

To evolve a contemporary and innovative teacher support system seamlessly integrated with the parents, alumni and the society paving the way to success in the life of the learners.

Maharashtra Public School, Video Gallery and Events
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