Maharashtra Public School
Daulatabad 'T' Point, Aurangabad, Maharashtra - 431002

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Holistic Development

Holistic Development

Located in the outskirts of Aurangabad town, MPS is a day boarding school. The school conducts academic activities with utmost care and dedication. The school gives importance to all round development of the learners as well as co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

The staff at MPS analyse, identify and nurture the hidden talents of the students. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities offered by the different clubs in school.

Holistic development means developing a child’s intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social skills intended to help meet daily life’s demands and challenges. These skills are critical to success in the career arena of everyone.

The goal of holistic education is to cultivate a developing child’s physical, emotional, moral, psychological, and spiritual attributes. Lessons are conducted in a safe, supportive environment that allows students to utilize their individual strengths. Teachers are prepared to nurture students with varying educational levels and learning capabilities. Our holistic education is guided by one overarching philosophy where teachers employ a number of methods and strategies to create a holistic learning culture.

Students are empowered to improve their educational outcomes and gain the life skills necessary to take on a successful professional career.

Outdoor Club

In order to give exposure to our students and build their confidence in outdoor activities, the school has created a set of 20 unique outdoor obstacles which include rope climbing, high walking, crawling, running and balancing activities. The outdoor activities are conducted under the watchful eyes of highly trained staff. Participation in these activities not only generates tremendous interest but also makes them fit, disciplined and motivates the students towards joining the Armed Forces.

Music Club:

The members of this club get good opportunities to learn musical instruments. This club organizes a musical evening and events. The Music Club has been active on the MPS campus for many years. The club’s main activity continues to be the favourite and popular in our school. Music Club has not only become a venue for all students on campus to show and share their talent but also for the entire MPS community to perform or to just watch.

Dance Club

The club organizes training programs to learn Indian Classical and other dance forms. Dance club is one way that keeps students both happy and focused – it helps students to stay healthy in a fun way. The elements of dance provide an extremely flexible framework to explore many abstract concepts and ideas. Dance Club really does provide a welcoming environment in which one can improve their dancing skills. The club gives a supportive role in general, fun of dancing, and in specific, it is extremely helpful in offering students a break when they feel stressed due to academic work.

Social Club

Engagement with society is an important part of education. Social work activities like cleanliness drives, tree plantation, fund raising for social work and social work education are organized by the members of the club. The Social Club works hard to ensure there is a full programme of leisure activities to make students have fun and enjoyable experience. It is a comfortable place for students to come and relax after a hard day of studying.

Adventure Club

School students have a great liking for adventure more than anyone else. Adventure club organizes adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, camping, rappelling, para-sailing etc. Students take part in the adventure activities on voluntary basis. The adventure club in MPS School helps to build qualities such as leadership, responsible behaviour and care for the environment and respect for the local culture in students.

English Literary Club

ELC makes students aware of the importance of English by creating English speaking environment in school campus. It provides platform to students for the development of communication skills and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.