Maharashtra Public School
Daulatabad 'T' Point, Aurangabad, Maharashtra - 431002

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Our school encourages students participating in extracurricular activities and it is a great way to widen and broaden students’ social circle, expand their interests, and build leadership skills. Our school promotes students’ involvement in school extracurricular activities which leads to positive long-term outcomes.

Extra-curricular activities beyond demonstrating students’ interests and individuality, these activities prove students can make meaningful contributions, maintain a commitment, and manage their time and priorities. Therefore, our school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities to cater to the needs of each student’s priority. Participation in these activities not only generates tremendous interest, but also makes them fit, disciplined and motivates the students towards joining the Armed Forces.

The extracurricular activities are organised through clubs including English Literary Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Dance Club, Social Club, Quiz Club and more. The school organises extra-curricular activities such as elocution, debate, quiz, scouts and guides, photography, film screenings and sports including football, cricket, basketball, track and field, badminton and table tennis.

Students spend their time joyfully engaging in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which adds feathers to their caps as MPS wards.