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Homage to the Founder:

The Staff

Teachers at MPS are a team of diligent and brilliant professional with aspirations to guide, support and mentor the learners in the most crucial period of their lives. All this is accomplished through the willingness of the child and in the background of the uniqueness possessed by every child. The teachers at MPS take pride to:

  • (a) Infuse a hunger for learning rather than putting a burden of studies on the shoulders of the learner.
  • (b) Inspire curious minds to investigate and evolve solutions creatively.
  • (c) Create confidence in the learners by equipping them with the best of communication skills and ability to face everyday situations effectively.
  • (d) To give every student a glimpse of their surroundings from multidimensional exposure and understand the challenges.
  • (e) Inculcating in them a spirit to dream high and work to achieve their dreams.

    Teachers are the driving force of the school. Fully qualified and experienced teachers inspire the students to shine in their careers and their lives.