MPS Core Values

Preparing the whole child for the whole world.


Discipline forms one of the key elements in the development of a sound personality and strong character. Nothing can be achieved without discipline. Therefore we are quite particular about this aspect in the running of this school. It is also very important for every parent to prepare his or her child mentally and emotionally to face life and be strong enough.

Developing skills for future

Our educational programs help students to become flexible thinkers who are able to question existing thinking adapt and creativity meet the demand for future. Students are provided with opportunities to appear for various competitive examinations and expand their horizons through enquiry, exploration and decision making in order to excel the present and shape the future.

Leadership Qualities

MPS encourages the students to explore and to question to seek solutions, to express themeselves. We aim to develop each students own individual potential for leadership, either as a motivator of other or themselves, discovering & aspiring to one's own special area of excellece.


We help the students to develop the values, principles and ethics that are respected admired and accepted in all cultures. Students are tought healthy social attitudes and spirit of humanity providing the ethical foundations and social skills to guide them through life. A number of activities based on he understanding of values to make positive contribution to others, their schools and the society.

Aesthetic Skills & Peforming arts.

Peforming arts are fundamental elements that are responsibel for the holistic development of children. Through performing arts, students learn to determine personal, social & emotional development, communicate their feelings, realize their potential, enhance listening skills, develop their creativity and work with other children more effectively.

Music is taught as a practical subject involving performance, composition and listening. Drama amd dance offer students a challenging medium in which they explore their indidual or group creativity. Through drama they are able to explore attitude, ideas and emotions. Through dance our young students learn to explore basic body actions so that they can create and repeat short dances inspired and music.

Art and Design

The visual arts are considered not only as mastery of skill and creative expression but also a form of language. Children learn to explore, imagine and involve themselves in creative thoughts, and to use the skills to express themselves, both visually and verbally. Students are encouraged to explore their talents within media and skills, including painting, drawing, & crafts.

Exapanding Horizons

Participation in extra-curricular and sporting activities takes equal importance along side academic performance, in addition to physical development and exploration of interests, students learn the thrill of challenge and competition, the importance of concentration, the spirit of teamwork and a sense of accomplishment. The extra-curricular activities include field trips, cultural events, environmental and social service projects and compaigns.