Proud to be a part of MPS Family - Our Alma Matter

Our Ex Student Siddhant (Cartoonist), drew a cartoon sketch of President His Excellency, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam from his signature.


I am here to share my thoughts and importance of school in career and personality building. I am now a commercial pilot. I completed education in New Zealand. I proud to tell you that these qualities I acquired in MPS. The methods, courses and opportunities of the MPS, discipline and on the ground activities has built my personality.
The constant source of inspiration of Major Ghuge, Discipline of Ghuge madam and guidance of all teachers has helped me a lot.

Akot Vedija

I graduated from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, B.E. in Pune and currently working with IBM India Pvt. Ltd. as an ‘SAP application architect’. In SAP Banking field for ATB financial, Calgary Canada.
My School played a major role in what I am today. It gave me an opportunity to grow. The growth with discipline, strong academics, sports and extra curriculum at the right age made me stand strong. I fill proud and happy being a part of MPS.

Bhogaonkar Veena

I completed B.E. in Information Technology in 2012 and also completed Masters Degree from University of Essex in UK in Computer and Information Network.
School prepares for alienating institutionalization of life by teaching the need to be taught. And school played biggest role in achieving the goles in my life. I will be thankful to my school for making me a successful person. Because without them I think it wont have been possible.

Bhosale Prajakta