About Admission

The application forms shall be available in the school office, along with the prospectus. Kindly go through the prospectus very carefully before filling the admission form. Normally each form should be properly filled and submitted to the school office well in advance, for the following academic year.

If a student is offered admission, then the original leaving certificate issued by previous school should be submitted to this school. Without the original leaving certificate of the previous school, no admission can be confirmed.

While taking the leaving certificate of the previous school, please be absolutely certain that all the details are entered correctly, such as the spellings of the names the date of birth, the class in which the student is studying, etc.

If student comes from a school which is located in another district/state or union territory in india, then the leaving certificate issued by the previous school shall have to be counter signed by the appropriate educational authority of that state or union territory to show that the school is a recognised school